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Am forty seven to forty more got a look at that Daniel shot a moment ago on the reason why he was almost


The file on personal was no good though Eric short second one is good and a forty five thirty eight full court pressure he was able to break it pretty easily this time the Robinson he wants to it seems there since the back in the left corner Robinson hard drive out of his hands going in his lower body out of looks like it was going to be a big deal I believe it was great it was get out of and a freshman Bonnie the Robinson is father in his right side he clutches at his ribs on defense when it comes down in front of us Bryce tough turnaround no good rebound to Robinson and he is very very sick enough as the heel to the head the plates act passed to waiting for traffic to clear any later Robinson didn't even get down the court to play offense on the plate in Keeling is coming to the scores seven thirty eight he must right to the ribs grew softer we keep black the pass away from mark killed Johnson tip down so the state Daniels with thirteen on the shot clock on the right wing able

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