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Three things to know here at four forty five one


A seat on the bench two Bronx borough president Ruben D. S. junior sent a letter to supporters and campaign workers yesterday to say he pulled out of the mayor's race and announced he's retiring from public office after his term ends next year three president trump's lawyers kept making their case Monday in this Senate impeachment trial while the came out Sunday that former national security adviser John Bolton as a draft of a new book in which he says the president told him he was holding up a to Ukraine for an investigation and to the bidens well now admission to this evening's rally featuring president trump at the Wildwood convention center is on a first come first serve basis and the first to come are a lot of fans who have been camped out there in line for a couple days now boy that line as long to get served admission down the Jersey Shore starts at seven PM the present be there to support congressman Jeff van through who switched last month from the democratic to Republican Party

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