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Nine three to the B. T. Jensen the culture print Jensen that's right already yesterday I had the chance to talk to my gym is key about the passing of Kobe Bryant and had a nice in depth conversation with him and talk to him the first question I asked him was Hey this just ironically enough happened the very next day less than twenty four hours after lebron James had passed Kobe Bryant on the NBA's all time scoring list and here are an incentive here will bond talk about will be the way you did and you know about all the glowing things that he said and the respect that he had worn them and your I you know the story by Miller Miller goalie bars story I would you know back when the warrants were in transition before they are del curry to do their work there caller games are I did a couple of games and one of them was with the Lakers so I'm certain court side you know at the at the arena out town your four thirty seven thirty game under my notes with me I've done a lot of pro games up that one thing I'm certain of my most all familiar with basketball bouncing and I don't even have to look up the novel was and it was Kobe come out three hours before the game to get shots up so are you know I I screwed up and you know we have we encourage myself but he knew me and we had a way about a fifteen minute conversation and it was it was so cold and and actually the one thing you said we are we are talking about is a problem with the with the national team and you know he told me if if he had to go to school we're gonna read came right out of high school and college before they have the rules where place now if you want if you had to go to school for one year he would have gone to play for coach K. that was the admiration that he had for him just the just the you know the words Kerry began describe the more of a career that he had me you know what we've got about yours we've got about two minutes do me a favor because he was the first person that people thought could actually be the next Jordan and got compared a lot to Michael Jordan you know but you got the five rings Jordan got the six rings eighteen all star games two gold medals but she was the first one that people really thought might be Michael Jordan and are you real but are you are you are you about your support nails when the clock on about you know you're looking at those two guys are that I you know in the winter you I would play a good but like the city like I have a whole farm of goes you know yeah from and different you know are you are you do you know can only be the hero of the law and go look for several months ago for those who don't know good means greatest of all time for those who just want to make sure people understand that and so I you know I I'd I'd put him in a whole flock of goats over the whole course with the with the history of the NBA here with all the all due respect for Michael and and you know you got Kareem and got no Malone and bill Russell and there are different errors in different times and so you're part of a bunch of girls and you know just unfortunate you're not bomb our records in the room willow curve a massive his wife you know losing a daughter and her husband you know in this thing is I read this is our hope that the support system is rare and I think the whole world really and that kind of mode right now thank you Manske former Charlotte Hornets former color commentator the Charlotte Hornets if there's one thing that you'll take from him that you'll remember.

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