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In place for the overnight tonight


To be concerned about early this morning mainly cloudy will be breezy and chilly vote out of thirty three in the city upper twenties many outlying areas that later today what times of clouds and sun so on the chilly side with a high of forty two partly cloudy Tuesday night just a little bit colder with a low of twenty nine and then sunny to partly cloudy a Wednesday high around forty mostly sunny Thursday just a little bit colder with a high of their eighty eight and then mother again on Friday seven a few clouds high forty four the mostly cloudy on Saturday here we have a chance for some rain and a high again forty four right now it's mostly cloudy temperatures range from thirty seven in Scarsdale to forty in Bridgeport in midtown thirty nine going down the thirty three Biggie starting thank you Matt you're welcome it's two ten WCBS fender already camping out in Wildwood New Jersey for a rally later this evening featuring president trump will be at the convention center to support congressman Jeff Andrew who recently switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party

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