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Shannon on Brady says he's not wearing a blazer to the Super Bowl next year

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed
2 months ago

I respect bill Belichick the head coach I do too I do not respect to bill Belichick personnel man anymore

Sports Talk Saturday with Sal Capaccio
5 hrs ago

ESPN And NFL discussed on Dale and Keefe

Dale and Keefe
4 d ago


Tom Already did make it to super bowl. Fifty four but only on the field before kickoff as a member of the NFL one hundred all time team and yesterday Brady posted a picture picture to his instagram story. With a caption. That said I am not wearing a blazer to the super bowl and hexed years so eric where will on radio Tom Brady will be right in New England league. Really definitely. He's not he's not going anywhere. I mean I don't see Robert Kraft letting that happen. Think about this guy has played his whole career in New England his whole career. And you might say that Bill Belichick take wants to get rid of him or they. They don't see eye to eye whatever he does but but the but the owner. That football is Robert Kraft. Robert Kraft loves Tom. Brady and Tom Brady has done so much for for New England for the National Football League. I mean really. I mean you might hate the Patriots. I never like to pay. Even when they didn't have Tom Brady cheating. They were so but anyway He's done he's done so much I just don't see him. I don't go anywhere I really don't I can't I can't picture it. I see he bill belichick leaving before Tom Brady would need I. And that's that's what I would see because I feel like that you know he had a chance to keep Jimmy G.. Bill Belichick did not a chance that he didn't they didn't give him a chance to keep. They got rid of him. And I think that really like this that would have been my chance I I I. I had another dynasty but still the Patriots are a very good football team. This year. They had a great defense. People WanNa best defense. They had a special teams I'm the one that wants I. I got to say Tom Brady. COTTAM S man. I mean big. I mean it's the truth. He got to play play football but he still plays at a high level. They're in a division that they should win. It's not a tough division. They win that division. So they'll be what they were twelve and four this year. They probably two for next year. Eleven and five thirteen thirteen three or something like that so. I don't see Tom Brady going anywhere I I don't see that. I don't believe he plays in New England skip I I don't I can't definitively pinpointed. Plays that. He'll go but I think in order for him he has to go to a place that gives him the best opportunity when the Super Bowl. It's just not about getting out of New England to show you know I I just needed. A change of scenery is about winning Super Bowl. He has to win one coach Belichick First Super Bowl and win. Who is the winner is a simple and ask ask if this was a race between bill belichick and Tom Brady because the days that we're in the same we're having the same discussion? And you have the discussion two or three times next year. WHO's most responsible for the success and so say race the first one to super bowl fifty five to sixty is the winner? And that's what he's GonNa come down to now can he goes. I mean he's looking at it okay. Who has a good outfit? Who has good offensive line? Because he's not mobile like these young quarterback that's up and coming who has never was ause right right early more now that you've got to be forty three that's true who have offensive line wide receivers and a defense so Adams give honestly. I don't see a Peyton. Manning situation paid many got the perfect storm you had. You had a young dicker. You had Julius Thomas No Sean Marino Title Office of line the Wind Got Vasquez from San Diego. You sit and then you bring in a key to leap remember the Denver team albeit with Tim Tebow they had one they won the division. All of a sudden you get to step into a team that won the division in a playoff game and I say okay here we go so now. We're looking at okay. People mentioned the raiders. Daddy make the play the chargers they didn't make the playoffs Chicago. They didn't make the playoff. So all the teams that you know that that sounds reasonable. They didn't make the playoffs. Now you may dimension on Monday. Maybe they said Okay Jimmy you got to go. We're GONNA take Tom Brady for two years. Because we believe at the quarterback position is that where we're that's where we're we're lacking yup. I believe we can get there okay. That would be an ideal situation. I don't see that happening but I just I just think there's been too much blood would bad blood between coach Belichick and talk now. I just give you know. They had the centennial team and coach. Belichick said it was great to just you know shoot. You'll be able to say it with Tom and talk football and they were all took a big picture with all the page format pages but Tom knows he knows you try to get rid of me while are you. Over