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Dram Randy Ollis was TV meteorologist what's going on another halfway decent day outside you have a partly sunny sky warmer afternoon we had sixty one yesterday to call price sixty eight today however late this afternoon about the northern half the state will have some scattered showers and scattered thunderstorms right now we're not expecting any severe weather tonight mild scattered showers and storms will continue lows around fifty there are cloudy big coolers McKay's no rain showers around highs on Friday at sixty two yeah they're pretty unsettled weekend Saturday breezy showers and thunderstorms could be a ghastly late day thunderstorm a higher salary seventy two then on Sunday here Tony mostly cloudy windy cooler will keep it dry and sunny site right around fifty seven Zacks ran the house was TV Randy thank you forty eight degrees right now in the American standard heating weather center the time six a six and

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Tony Katz and the Morning News 2 months ago

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Saugus one twenty eight clear between route one and route to

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Of the WGN radio news room the

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Jennings in the WGN radio

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Jennings in the WGN radio

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Beautiful bright sunshine tomorrow

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Right now we have mostly cloudy skies Marie along with areas of fog in a shower in a couple of spots

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Hayward AT south bound this

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High temperatures on Saturday in the mid sixties along the coast

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Juliet Papa ten wins news seventy degrees cloudy in New York wins news time nine fifty two

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