Chiefs rally from 24-0 hole to beat Texans 51-31 in playoffs


Us we'll start off with the the absolute wild game today between the chiefs and the Texans chiefs rallied from down twenty four nothing to beat Houston fifty one thirty one as a former head coach what's going through any reads minds when his cheeks are trailing twenty four old early in the second quarter well I'm sure whose team just about settled down here Hey you know let's let's go to concentrate on what was supposed to be delivered in well you know when your telephone for flights you can make it all off of one or two plays so you really have to maintain your concentration and once a little more modems or no no need in your coach how would we are if we were to spring the story forward here in Tennessee Titans how would you get ready to play can't see next week is a kind of like what you have to do when you're with the giants game ready for the Superbowl play the Buffalo Bills well you know I think I will have to play a certain way but it's the way they want I don't think they're going to really have to change too much of what they do I think you know there are ground oriented team a lot of HR to shorten the game are they excel north you pass is now in the twelve a very professional about what is vital to fall for long periods of time that's what they've been doing the last few weeks and you know the three Kansas city in Kansas city this year already so I would imagine there they are confident that they could do it but you know this playoff games no little bit different than the regular season so it's going to be a tough one but I don't think Tennessee's governor

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