Who should pay Harry and Meghan's security costs in Canada?


Canada's finance minister bill Moore knows says the government has not decided if it would help cover the security costs with prince Harry his wife Megan moving to Canada the evening standard reported yesterday that prime minister Justin Trudeau told the queen that Canada would assume some of the cost royal historian and a white locks as Buckingham Palace is trying to strike a personal tone of respect understanding when it comes to this oil crisis it is a perception of the way with that Britney is having something of a an identity crisis around festival brexit but now perhaps you know how it treats its Royals was to fax it represents perhaps so I do think there are ramifications that will we need to be handled very Kathleen not set in the wall the queen is trying to do I think appeal on personal terms actually two people and to emphasize her school ultimately for her grandson you know it's not cheap to have the Royals come visit back in twenty ten taxpayers in Canada shelled out almost three million dollars to protect the queen when she stayed for nine days in Canada and it was a buy prince William his wife Kate in two thousand eleven cost Canada over a

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