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A few snow storm outages after that, in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to look. So what's up with what's taking so long in getting everyone's power back on in a statement, calling the utilities performance unacceptable. Governor Cuomo's ordering an investigation into most of New York's big electric companies. He's also declaring a state of emergency for the metro area. New York City Council member caustic Constanta Nida's echoes those sentiments Con Ed claimed a few months ago during a hearing that it was ready for the next storm. You know, it's like my son, Tommy is ready for his casting and study Constanta Nina's chairs the council's Environmental Protection Committee, he says. There have been enough investigations were consistently and persistently saying the problem. The idea has been floated to turn con it into a publicly owned utility Constanta. Neatness is signing on gonna be difficult. Sure. Going on is difficult. If this isn't the moment for us to reach and say we deserve better than I don't know what it is for the governor blasting Khan. It is a time honoured tradition, among other threats, he's mused about revoking its certificate to operate after the Manhattan blackout last summer. Steve Burns, WCBS News Radio 80 and on Long Island. They weren't prepared. They gotta change their operation very

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