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Good morning I'm John Schaefer


Good morning I'm John Schaefer a Las Vegas metro police officer was shot near circus circus during protests over the killing of George Floyd last night your sheriff Joe Lombardo after officers returned to the spurs a large crowd of protesters in front of the circus circus taking rocks and bottles from the crowd search for some of the protesters in custody when the shot rang out there on the server down that officer is in great condition and a second non related incident an armed man was shot and killed nearly fully federal building as police tried to break up a protest there amid more protests across the nation president trump is threatening military force against those committing violence I am your president of law and order the president says governors have a choice bring in enough of the National Guard to in his words dominate the streets or he will take action I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them federal law does allow a president to use the military in states defying federal law like when troops were sent to southern states to find school desegregation orders but experts say in this case there's no allegation states are refusing to enforce federal law Washington

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