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Brands show solidarity with George Floyd protests, but can they contribute to real change?


As thousands of protesters take to the streets in response to police killings of black people companies are wading into the national conversation but taking care to get their messaging right a rich man's CEO of adult men telling CNBC that brands have a responsibility to stand up to racism connectors to culture France actually show us the better part of our spirit and brings him every ability now to speak up about racism and violence I'm sick and about what happened with George Floyd and I'm delighted that happened in my America and brands can show us the way forward and the smart brands are already doing so if you were in Gerry's for instance not just running an ad you're actually saying that you're gonna win ploy people who served jail terms and if your Shea moisture you're already funding are start ups and small businesses owned by people of color that's exactly the way to play the game it has to be not just be about communication it has to be about actual weird at times very similar to globalization protests in the late nineties you know people going in looting stores last night are saying something important which is I want to hit you where it hurts capitalism pay attention business has the opportunity to step into the void left by government we have every we need to do this because two thirds of people today are belief driven buyers and exercise Brandon marker seat every time they go into a store and they want to know that their brands actually speak up for them stand with them they actually want a company that's decent a Starbucks and says yes we will go and hire people of color and make sure that they get the chance to participate in our economy and they did that five years ago opportunity use and it's continued and so the best part of business today is stand up and be counted because we needed it to step into the void Netflix's normally light hearted Twitter account taking on a more somber tone over the weekend saying to be silent is to be complicit black lives matter we have a platform and we have a duty to our black members employees creators and talent to speak up it was retweeted more than twenty sixteen thousand times and liked it more than a million

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