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I want you to do something good


President trump thank you for joining us on America first I understand the doctor Gorka was a White House adviser for you I know Sebastian well what do you recommend all American citizens do listen to on are you saying we can count on him to make America great again he's with us so your summation is that Americans need to pay attention to Dr Gorka listen to on I know Sebastian well he's with us that's from the Tom good advice from the man himself mild buzz the president I'd states Donald J. trump at friends it is the Easter season I

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I want you to do something good

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That's not how that works but if they do want to get into the

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I don't know about anybody else but I think that police stations have guns in them and I'm innocent

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Larry elder he's coming up at three now doctor Sebastian Gorka at eight sixty AM the answer

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Radio cable B. Jiang on John Cooley this is a service of memorizing contracting Bastrop county health officials

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Just hours after governor Tim Walz activated

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