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Continue to do what I have to do to get that message out


To have a strong talk with him about China and about what Congress is doing the economy these budgets and Jack Keane what our military is doing to help is it also I had to defend us against enemies abroad and the what we're gonna do about China since China is clearly the enemy now and by the way in the South China Sea China sunk an Indonesian fishing boat in international waters China threatened a Vietnamese ship in international waters and China is threatening the United States navy in the South China Sea which all started under Obama they started during these fake islands they have militarize these islands they build up their navy Jack Keane explains to me that they are now spending more perhaps on military than we are this is a serious serious problem and you can see how much they they care about human life not at all that **** regime is responsible for everything we're going through and as I said the other day they've done more damage to this country then the Soviet Union more damage to this country than the Soviet Union and that we have there's an expert the daily caller has an exclusive the current the corona virus experts as virus could in fact leaked from the war Han live you know Tom cotton's been talking about this on my radio show and elsewhere and anyone who raises including major dismissed as a cook you're just not allowed to pursue the fax and reported to the American people which is really what journalists are supposed to do Richard Ebright a molecular biology biologist who's been quoted as say a corona virus expert for The Washington Post and MSNBC said to the yesterday that it is indeed possible that the virus leak from a war Han lap and I think it did why because of the conduct of the Chinese they're killing people doctors citizen journalists are they they have slammed on the internet like never before are they throughout American reporters such as they are when they did not allow our experts CDC and otherwise to go into that area in China because he didn't want us to find out what took place she's in glee China's leading virologist on back borne viruses said in March that she lost sleep wearing that the virus could have leaked from her lab in Wuhan after she first learned of the virus in December she now tells those who share the concerns she once had to shut their stinking mouse some elected a biologist it's saying yes it could happen that is Richard Evert professor of chemical biology at Rutgers University and he said to the daily caller that there is a real possibility transpacific leave he believes the virus could have leaked from she's level Han he said yes a denial is not a reputation he said especially not a denial based on nature punishing the human race for keeping uncivilized living habits and while she now tells those who question whether her lab could be connected to the release of the corona virus to shut their stinking miles she previously said she lost sleep over the issue now she know by our colleagues has the bat woman because of the sixteen years he spent hunting for viruses and Bakkavor told Scientific American in March that she frantically searching for any evidence that her laboratories records witness handled upon learning of the virus's outbreak in Wuhan in late December could they have come from my lap she recalled thinking she said I I had never expected this kind of thing to happen it will Han in central China she said she breathed a sigh of relief when results came back showing that

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Continue to do what I have to do to get that message out

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