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Boot you're a super long peninsula


Do you really think we'd chat lives are going to be safe and stay home there's an old joke about Italy traffic lights I lived in Rome traffic lights in the middle of Italy which is largely dramatic that mandatory when it's red you stop when it's green you can go by the time you get halfway down it's really optional well let me tell you they were optional row and by the time you get to the bottom of the boots and by the time you get to Sicily this tree decorations good luck with that my friend but seriously how does this not reinforce why Donald Trump was elected let's stop for a second what what his Italy being the epicenter off since the beginning of the war in Syria unfettered transmitter annual migration from North Africa it's a nation that has become the transit point the people not just escaping the civil war in Syria but also economic migrants from across North Africa and the Sahel it is absolutely without a shadow of a doubt my friends that is the lack of border control that has exacerbated the situation in Italy right now the whole nation has to go into quarantine well that's why borders mata that's why national security is irrevocably linked to the capacity of a nation to exercise national sovereignty such as with a border barrier sometimes we call it a war as in the last hour with our interview with Chris Buskirk of American greatness we can come out of this hysteria stronger than when we went in and it is his dear in this country we're not it's really not a long pendants in the middle of Europe we are a continent sized nation we

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Boot you're a super long peninsula

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