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Get ready for what they're calling


C. good morning seven hundred and six cases of coronavirus in Indiana thirty five deaths they say the influx of patients is going to be sometime between mid April and mid may they're working on doubling the number of beds they have doubling the number of ventilators intensive care unit beds have gone from fourteen hundred to thirty two to nineteen and forty six thirty five percent increase they want to double that it's a baseline of eleven hundred seventy seven ventilators in the the state they've identified as the indystar reports at seven hundred fifty additional ventilators and then of course you have the manufacture of ventilators going on you've got the Kokomo plant with GM utilized via the DPA the fence protection act and then I will have dental it is being made there Dyson says for U. K. they made fifteen thousand ventilators you know the backing people they're the ones who make the call fans they figure it out it is not about a later I hope it works I mean I'm I I I really and truly do not like when you get something from China a ventilator masking I go I hope the work you know it's not gonna work the master work the testing kits don't work it's China I really do hope this this works I really and and truly do and

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Get ready for what they're calling

Tony Katz and the Morning News 2 months ago

He said he's got it under control but it's nowhere near under control there it's

Tony Katz and the Morning News 1 d ago