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CDC and centers for disease control forty


Thousand one hundred eighty three cases of coronavirus five hundred and forty four deaths now both these numbers will be up by mid day when there is more reporting I certainly no one should have thought that America was not going to have people who died from corona virus what we need is some better reporting on the conditions of those people it was yesterday's press conference yesterday so I believe it was which was short from the White House task force but it was doctor Burke's B. I. R. X. Deborah Brooks who is responsible for the White House was referring to some of the numbers I believe in Italy maybe was the day before the days are blending into each other high apologize over ninety nine percent I'm sorry over ninety percent I believe she said ninety nine percent who have died in a I think it was in Italy were over the age of fifty and had some kind of underlying health issue now these numbers are going to come more into play and really we're going to get more data going on out there we're gonna get more data to be able to better you don't figure this out but what we are seeing them without giving a percentage number I will go to at least a bigger generality people

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CDC and centers for disease control forty

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