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LA, Pittsburgh And Marc Lawrence discussed on Sports X Radio

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One the lead admitted same one nothing score LA leads Pittsburgh after one on yes we'll get to all the other sports a little bit later Marc Lawrence finishing up with us got him for about ten more minutes so that's good news marquee NBA it's it kind of watching some of these teams I really enjoyed watching Zion go against lebron last night lebron at forty was fun to watch the kids you know really take it at the Lakers and even you know the one drive that I watch to any also the right past Anthony Davis kids not intimidated course he did hurt the folks apac New Orleans last night just a couple free throws a few seconds left and that the difference between them covering that seven and a half and not tomorrow not a lot of games on the docket just four games for the Lakers will take on the warriors Lakers playing pretty solid basketball right now and you know a lot of emotional stuff over the past several days and and last month you know with the Kobe Bryant tragedy and of course the memorial just coming up this past Monday Lakers at warriors you know I just can't back this warrior team.