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New York, U. S. And FBI discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News


By Dave Anthony fox news president trump tweeted that after midnight after the Senate unanimously approved that massive bill to deal with the corona virus infected economy it was a long hard road neither side can be completely happy with the final product democratic leader Chuck Schumer is a two trillion dollar package the house plans to consider maybe pass on Friday the centerpiece thing this trick payments to Americans hit twelve hundred per adult twenty four on a per couple in the five hundred per child though the checks get smaller based on your income if you earned six figures you get nothing there's also expanded unemployment additional six hundred Bucks a week it also has three and seventy seven billion for small business eight hundred billion for hospitals two hundred billion for domestic priorities that's fox's Griff Jenkins on Wall Street stock futures are falling after back to back days of gains for the Dow that's rarely Lee in this morning we're expecting a new update on new one employment filings and predictions range from two to four million last week the number of coronavirus cases has surged to nearly seventy thousand in the U. S. more than a thousand those people have died and more than a quarter of those deaths are in New York City fox news exclusively confirming the youngest patient in the U. S. has been identified as a three week old infant treated all Long Island now recuperating at home as vox's Todd pyro in New York and American who'd been held in Iran for years now presumed dead foxes Simon known as more live a day to trump administration is calling on Iran to provide a complete account of what happened to Robert Levinson but the Iranian government saying today that it maintains it has no knowledge about the former FBI agents whereabouts Levinson's family announcing yesterday that they've learned from U. S. officials these died in Iranian custody he was a retired FBI agent reportedly working for the CIA on an unauthorized mission when he vanished in around sixteen years.

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New York, U. S. And FBI discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News

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