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Self Employed And Senate discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News


Fifty billion dollars in expanded unemployment benefits the average worker who's lost his or her job will receive one hundred percent of their salary for up to four full months and like normal unemployment benefits to independent contractors and the self employed will be eligible so you have independent contractors and self employed people will be eligible for this now that's just part of what's in this two trillion dollar plan passed by the Senate house wanting to look at it till Friday I don't know I'm just leave the house even pass it I'm surprised the Senate did Tony Katz ninety three W. I. B. C. good morning I it it's it's not that I don't wanna get people help it said if you're if you're setting up a situation by which people can get paid more for not working then working kind of defeats the purpose that's kind of a value less yet it happens you had Republican senators saying we're not going to vote for this thing you can't be having the six hundred dollar payment on top of unemployment insurance in many cases Italy people getting paid more than if they were working you can do this for four months your delay people getting back to work and Bernie Sanders said we had to have it and then Republicans voted for ninety six nothing in here we are some of Nancy's Pelosi's Nancy's Nancy Pelosi's a maddening wish list of ideological hellscape that got kicked out but if your business and you take money right either my taxpayer money that you that you pay and and and always put mmhm and you take out a loan to help your business thrive get through this you're not allowed to fight any unionization efforts in your business hello I don't know that taking this money meant that I lose my first memory right I guess some I guess then we can start telling people who get Medicare or Medicaid or government assistance or or food stamps whatever the case may be we can start telling them what they can eat right no cheeseburgers for you're not you can order French fries sorry just can't happen no soda we can't we're not allowed to tell people what they can eat up when they take government money okay hi just wondering if there was a double standard thank you so much for setting me straight on that subject I know there are other things going on like Joe Biden secondly Bernie Sanders that campaign has said that he would debate if there was a debate in April do you think there should be another debate in April in which you participate my focus is just dealing with this crisis right now I haven't thought about it anymore debates I think we've had enough to basically we should get on with this but with regard to speaking to foreign leaders I haven't spoke with a foreign leader in the last probably two weeks and they are very thankful but the best design now we've had enough debates of course Joe Biden things we've had enough to make have we forgotten that we're still having people run for president here have have we somehow forgotten that this is going on because this is still going on this is still happening people and there is a whole movement a foot to go to the convention making contested and make it Andrew Cuomo the governor of New York every day they put him on a national press talking about the situation how he's managing it and how he's handling it you know how you don't think that's real that's totally real will happen I don't know is it real that people would like to see Cuomo because he can talk as opposed to Biden who is it truly incompetent sorry he had one good debate the debate he needed to be good by the way against Bernie Sanders the last one but take a look at him take a look at him when he hasn't studied the lines for a hundred years take a look at him and what he's trying to do from this home it's it's miserable meanwhile unemployment rates are going to go up massively we have three point two eight million people who file jobless claims in the last week don't think for a second that the economic impact isn't real the impact of coronavirus isn't real it's a very very real but keeping businesses in business is something that I favor not favoring this is governor Eric Holcomb and seriously I invite him on to explain himself because I don't I don't get the man I don't understand them I don't understand what it's about I don't understand is guiding principles yes keep who's your save that's that's great I'm saying again I don't understand his guiding principles let me tell you why he is now saying as WTHR reports that there's an accident employee can take if they feel their employer is not essential business first and talk to your employer and then there is a a place you can go for at Indiana OSHA and you can file complaints because some businesses are centered on some businesses aren't so we are now encouraging employees to narc on employers I mean that's what he's doing well that's what he's doing what if there is a a business that has twenty employees and nineteen of them want the work and one says this isn't essential what if the employers as well and you can stay home he went when when everything is settled you can come back to work if they still call complaint is the business get shut down for the nineteen others is this what we want I made up but I I'm sure I made it up totally strongmen absolutely stronger he I don't have the real world examples here I'm discussing eight eight a situation that can come up I am discussing whether or not if people want to work should they be allowed to work is the governor saying no I'm not discussing situations of people being forced worker fired that's where is that happening we hear so many stories of just the opposite now we should not come businesses that want to stay in business I I don't I don't I don't understand you I don't I don't understand I don't understand this position of of what I would describe as cower in the corner that it's one thing to be worried about people's safety it's another thing to be pushing people not to work it's I I am stunned at what I'm witnessing much want to get too I'm Tony Katz testing radio was asked that you do not touch that dial so if you're worried about where to.

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Self Employed And Senate discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News

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