Who’s not watching the Oscars? A celebration of the snubbed performers


I totally satisfied with the list of nominations the Oscar nominations who thinks this is a good list the job and not run over Lopez not Adam not surprising list though I don't think I mean it wasn't like I mean I'm sure it was shocking to that walking in out the eleven nominations to go to the joker was that bad I don't get that it is with it well just tell my tale we didn't see it though that's the thing people who have a lot of we are in our commentary yeah it's weird and dark thank you but that's what they like yeah who who likes a cat a cat in the hat yeah yeah transform and then they like weird and dark this is the thing okay low doesn't like it because she was nominated as best supporting actress right actress warning or not okay I don't remember what she she was in a bunch of categories the critics choice awards she was nominated I don't know about the SAG awards I think so she was definitely nominated for a golden globe so she was right that is that I think that's kind of being considered the biggest knob along with terror and entertain who played who's won every award he won the golden globe he won the BAFTA and then was completely overlooked for the Oscar for playing Elton John and rocket man have you seen little women do you really think it was that good that it is their housing units I'd like to see it I I I I didn't think it was like to do okay well I've most honestly I don't know most men that I know you're not going to experience it that much but as someone who grew up with that my mom texted me the other day and said that she absolutely loved it and that we would love it so I don't know I I don't know how many guys were operating little women but I think a lot more women have I don't I but I got out of the criticisms that read through four different pieces was there a lot of people are angry because so many men were nominated and non of women which is sort of what we've heard little women when I skipped completely right yeah which is I really like the little women big world which was the prologue on a any or TLC a different different okay did anybody see this movie there Antonio Banderas been nominated for never even heard of it I don't either that's again with the academy does they never win when no one had seen Roma except like art student and I don't want you know anything yeah I mean I don't why I mean I understand Jennifer Lopez feels now but everybody knows it's gonna be Renee Zellweger she's one everything she transformed into Judy Garland give me a break I mean you might enjoy a lovely even ratio up right you're not you know I'm not a stripper with a heart of gold she was a stripper who was robbing people right so it's gonna dancing came out pretty well Kathy Bates came out of it fairly well right under the circumstances the heart exchange between aren't happy thank you okay no go head scarf cap how you have it beats and Adam said Adam Sandler we're going back and forth on Twitter because she was his mother and water boy if you remember and so he was talking about how we got snubbed and she said baby I still love you they're going back and forth like they were in character and water but it was very parasite is another one I don't even begin to get what they haven't seen I mean have you seen that do you know anything about hiring go sailing understand what they were saying even though they have they have the anecdotal I don't like going to see something done as I don't work at just over yeah right at my direction from the act it's not that much I know at you haven't seen it everyone I know who's seen it absolutely loved it and people are excited that I mean the Oscars aren't supposed to just reward of movies that are in English I mean there is this number movies that are good it is yeah some people say it is I know that you're not because you do I has not appeal to me right exactly right exactly does that mean I love it and sell it okay that it's nominated I have to

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