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Welcome to the frame. I'm John Horn. It's Academy award the nominations mornings so we're out in the field when the lowest feelers bureau of the New York Times with a carpet bagger Kaya can kyle. I brought a Muffin. Thanks for having us over where this morning. Yes I'm eagerly consuming that Muffin. I need all of a sudden it's like can get after. Today's crack of Dawn Oscar. Nominations we have both been up since very early this morning. And even though I think we're still relatively awake and conscious I still think these nominations don't make a lot of sense. So where do you WANNA start. Let's talk about the movies that didn't get any love. I was shocked that the farewell did not make it into the best picture race. And that no actors from the farewell or parasite or nominated. Yeah I loved the farewell which came out this past summer. I would've loved to see Aquafina or Josh Suzanne who plays her grandmother in that movie get in unfortunately. Yeah Yeah it just missed out on everything. Eight twenty four which distributed the farewell to very hip indies studio. But they haven't shown an ability to get any of their summer movies ever into the Oscar race in a major way. They had the same problem with eighth grade and first reformed last year and now the farewell. Meanwhile though you've got neon a sort of comparable tae twenty four which parasite six Oscar nominations no in parasite. It is not only nominated for best picture. It's also up for best international feature and best director for June Ho if it wins the best picture prize and and I gotta say it has a shot. It will become the first foreign language movie to win that top prize. But let's look a little bit more closely at who didn't make the cut so bond Jun Mojo was nominated for director. Greta Gerwig wasn't and Todd Phillips was for joker. Joker had the most nominations with eleven. How do we start to talk? Talk about joker. Well I don't know I feel like we will never stop talking about jokers thing I it's been that sort of movie since the beginning running since it was announced since people got with its themes and especially since it became a billion dollar grosser at the box office which is crazy for a movie. Yes is about a famous comic book character but it doesn't have action scenes. It's Graham it's upsetting and now it's a best picture and best director nominee is. Is it going to win those awards. I don't think so. Maybe I'm protecting myself from thinking so I do think though that Joaquin Phoenix is near lock for best actor one of the first acting. Nominations that was announced. This morning was for best supporting actress. Kathy Bates in Richard Jewel. I don't think anybody saw that nomination coming. And it did seem to suggest what was going to happen for the next nineteen acting nominees and that is only one one person of color. Cynthia Repo played. Harriet Tubman was going to get a nomination. Yes initiate to Kathy Bates but the fact that she made it in and Jennifer Lopez didn't for Haas players. I think that's one of the big stories of this morning. I personally love Hustler's I thought Jennifer Lopez was giving fantastic robust movie star performance. It's in that film for some reason. While for a couple of reasons it just did not seem to catch on as far as that award season reconceptualise ation that needs to happen. When you've got a a big hit and then you want to prove that you more than just a hit the academy with the exception of little women? This year were turned an awfully cold shoulder to female ensembles and female all directors for that matter. There's there's quite a few nominated in best documentary but almost nowhere else including the big best director category. I just it. It bothers me that I feel like stories that are made by women that star women are not afforded. The same sort of canonical. Wait we so easily give similar stories about men. We're talking with cow Buchanan from the New York Times about today's Oscar nominations when I was at the La Times before I came to KPCC along with a team of reporters spent a year investigating the membership of the academy. At that time we found that it was ninety. Four percent percents Caucasian. The median age was sixty two. It was seventy-seven percent male in the years. Since and certainly on the heels of the Hashtag Egg Oscarssowhite the academy has gone to incredible steps to try to diversify its membership but the academy like the Mafia. You're in for life life. Do you think the voting today really represents that older demographic in the kind of reluctance to embrace anything outside of parasite that feels like a modern movie. Well I think that's the thing about the Oscars and that's the reason we keep talking about it. Every year they make steps forward they make steps backward record. It is a big organization several thousand people so as much as you diversify it. There will be diverse opinions. You know last year. We had add Oscar history with them like Black Panther where it won best costume design best production design first time. A black woman had one those things you also had green book win which many consider to be sort of a retrograde racial issues claptrap. I think the academy is big enough to to be able to stay in both of those points of view and it's worth noting that the academy doesn't really run the business in any way it is only recognizing the movies that we're getting made and the jobs that are being given by people who run Hollywood today. La Mayor Eric. Garcetti unveiled an initiative to try to promote lat next talent he hopes up to double Latino Representation in Hollywood by twenty thirty. But what is it gonNA take for the industry to start making more diverse film so that the Oscars can recognize more verse films while the Oscars don't make movies but they affect the movies that get made and I think it's important to talk about that because this is sort of a cycle where all of these things feed each other movies that are greenland movies that are cast with certain people were made by certain people. They're made that way often. And because of what we are told important by the Oscars as much as the Oscars sort of say. Well we can only do so much given the films that Hollywood gives us. The Hollywood gave them plenty of amazing films. This year that were sort of disregarded out of hand I think because we don't again ascribe the same wait to certain stories. Outside of white men doing violent dramatic weighty things Kyle Buchanan is the carpet Arpey bagger The New York Times Kyle. Thanks for having us over to the Los Villas Bureau of the New York Times. I'm glad you guys could come up next on the frame we hear from Oscar nominee. Cynthia revox Vivo and Renee Zellweger. Welcome back to the frame. I'm John Horn British actress. Cynthia Revox is an academy award nominee for her performance in Harry and she's the only person of color among this this year. Twenty acting nominees. The movie directed and Co Written by Casey Lemons tells the story of how Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery and became a heroic. ROIC abolitionist when I spoke with a revox about playing tubman. I asked her how shooting in Virginia. During a cold autumn helped her get into character. It was sort of imperative for me to try and do as much as I possibly could as authentically as could do it so I opted out of the wetsuit opted out of any like extra extra warming things was doing the activities just because I didn't want to I don't want to feel comfortable really I I liked the uncomfortable of the of the work that I was doing. Because I felt like it made me I guess it gave me the space to be more connected to her connected to what what she may have gone through So that the reaction was genuine and felt real. So yeah I do. I do think it really helps in doing these. Actions to to be connected connected to the

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