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Two hundred climbing to one The set actually bowed atop the list. Five weeks ago The box has been hugh streaming success and it streams are the main cause us for the songs one to number one on the hot one hundred and it also plays a big part in the in the album to return to number one on the billboard. Two hundred in the tracking week ending January ninth. The song surged sixty percent. Streams rising to sixty eight point two million streams in the United States that week according to Nielsen Music Marcy Data And now that's actually the biggest streak for any non Christmas song since last August Damn right I hear it's a popular all that hot hot hot streaming activity is what prevents Justin Bieber's Yummy from opening at number one on the hot one hundred as the track starts at a lofty number two. It earned twenty nine twenty three million streams though sold a whopping seventy one thousand copies and is also doing quite handsomely on radio airwaves with a thirty eight to ten and jump on our all format radio songs chart but it just couldn't compete with the enormous streams of the box. Okay so next. Let's talk. Oscars the nominations for the academy. Awards were announced announced on Monday January thirteenth. And you know how last week we chatted about how we thought maybe Jennifer Lopez or beyond say could get a nomination while they eh fool on man. Fool I mean you know how I feel about. You know how I feel about this. I think knows how we both. Yeah Well J.. Lo was left out of the supporting actress fields. Obviously she was a contender for her role and hustlers. Which Katy and I both love? We talked about that a lot. While beyond just for Ramona justice for Jaylo while beyond say missed out on a nomination in the best original song category for Co writing the Song Spirit from the Lion King so just to recap. Let's look at what did get nominated for best original song we have. I can't let you throw yourself away. which was written by I? Randomly Newman from toy story. Four an oft Oscar nominated songwriter and winter and winter. Yeah I'm GonNa love me again by Elton John and Bernie Taupin from rocket. Doc It man which just won the Golden Globe in this category. I'm standing with you by Diane Warren. From breakthrough eleven time nominee and zero winner Dianne Warren off nominee into the unknown by Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez from frozen to already won twice previously and performed by previous pop shop guests Adina Menzel And finally stand up by Joshua. Brian Campbell and Cynthia revolt performed by Cynthia as well from Harriet Cynthia by the way she has two nominations this year for best original song and best actress If she wins either of those Oscars Dot E. D. Grammy Oscar and Tony and crawl so we will find out if that happens when the Academy Awards awards broadcast live on. ABC coast-to-coast February ninth at three thirty PM. Six Thirty PM eastern Dunton done and now it's time for interview with Joey fatone. We had joey into the office last month. And you guys. He brought US ice cream. Yes so does that comes up in conversation a few you may you may here. Maybe nice about it as having a member of and sink in for an interview wasn't already great enough He had actually teamed up with Baskin. Robbins Doordarshan Promo in December. I'm sorry to tell you that that Promo Promo is now expired but you know you can still order ice cream anytime you want. So you know. We're not trying to keep ice cream. You solve ice cream last last month but it's ice cream. It's still good. It's still good. I might go eat some of the second hats last week. So we talked to Joe all about what he's up to these days including his two cups of Joe uh-huh podcast with his manager and hosting common knowledge on the game show network and of course we got into all things and sank talking about the twentieth anniversary of the release of by by this month this week actually and the upcoming twentieth anniversary of no strings attached its parent album and everything he remembers or doesn't remember from that crazy ass time in his life plus their fame reunion and coachella performance with Arianna Guerande. Last year we had a chat about the future of and what it might look lighten. Lighten Oh man so. Police enjoy our superfund interview with Joey fatale. A kiss hello.

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