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Breaking overnight tens of thousands of protesters are


Breaking overnight tens of thousands of protesters are taking to the streets across America peaceful demonstration Sunday against the police killings of black people have been overshadowed by on raster truck driver driving and demonstrators in Minneapolis nearly a week after George Floyd pleaded with an officer pressing and me into his neck that he couldn't breathe that that driver of the truck arrested officials say protesters in Philadelphia hurled rocks and Molotov cocktails at police while massed crowds broke into upscale stores in a San Francisco suburb DC mayor Muriel Bowser said those causing chaos and destructions weren't part of peaceful demonstrations saying and they came prepared to do damage well we know that the the people who were destructive last night are not likely curfew followers out well I think you you heard from is the chief of the people who were arrested by MPD were a mix of people and I would say that was my impression also I think especially in the early part of the day people were largely peaceful in I think as the evening went on on that changed to a kind of a been torn destruction I think what the chief also reports to me that many seemed organized high head tools to break windows and tools or a strategy to distribute materials among them

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