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Of president trump's response to the pandemic other state and local governments may also joined the effort to buy a rapid test in the coming weeks Sarah McCamman NPR News Virginia, Beach Health, and Human Services Secretary Alex as our will lead the delegation to Taiwan this month the visit. Is the highest level official visit to the island republic since nineteen, seventy nine and as NPR's Emily Fang reports it comes amid heightened tensions between the United States and China. The department said as our would meet with Kovin responders and other. Taiwan. Counterparts and visit will quote strengthen the US time on partnership. The statement also contrasted Taiwan successful containment of an initial corona virus pandemic with authoritarian governments. The US and other countries have criticized Beijing for covering up news of the virus in. January. Earlier this year Taiwan lobbied unsuccessfully to join the World Health Organization a move Beijing opposes that's because China sees Taiwan as own territory and has vowed overtake the island republic by military force if needed as China relations deteriorate Taiwan is become a political flashpoint yet again. Emily Chang NPR news Beijing. Emergency workers in Beirut are digging through rubble for victims of an explosion that killed at least one hundred people injured thousands more hospitals already overwhelmed with corona virus patients are now scrambling to get medicine for the injured as not a homicide report. Yesterday's blast adds to a list of crises. In Lebanon there had been some concern about the buildings for a few years and he said that investigation would be launched to look into who is responsible. The explosion occurred at a warehouse that had been storing thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate that for several years, what caused the chemicals to ignite? Remains under investigation. In us. Futures are higher in market trading on Asian stock market shares are mixed lower in Tokyo. This is NPR news.

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