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Of litigation things are going to call Hey how's he not coach in somewhere your NBC sports radio what date starts now dash our the best four day stretch for Clemson basketball ever they had their first win Everett North Carolina they have been one fifty nine there they follow up last night by up setting third ranked Duke seventy nine seventy two they stormed the court and plans and tenth straight win for the Utah Jazz one eighteen one oh seven at Brooklyn up next for you to a game tomorrow in New Orleans that's expected to be the NBA debut of the pelicans Ryan Williamson Tampa Bay one four three in a shoot out over LA the lighting of one eleven of twelve Dallas one three two in overtime in Colorado the stars and taken several last date the good and bad news for the Carolina Panthers the fat as they lost please retire at the age of twenty eight good a key higher job ratings the new office printer is only thirty years old but he played a big role in running Ellis used high powered.

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