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Donated call one eight seven seven cars for kids today wins news time twelve eleven discount tire traffic center here's Russ Meyer talk about truck route one and nine in New Jersey it's been shut down for a while he both directions and acted sack abit over in Kearney as a result of a serious accident it's all backed up trying to get around it we have got a four forty with delays also coming off of a one in nine oh Pulaski scow is the way to go and now what's going on over there it is moving along okay nothing else major going on of the garden state turned back on the parkway of and getting by fairly well into the city let's check things out is what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels across the board like in holiday GWB under ten minutes out bound hello again hello get you out of the city the GWB is going to take a long time though the outbound side with construction of the upper and lower levels as a result we have got up to one hour delays from the cross Bronx and for the D. again that is going to be about forty five minutes as well also looking at the slow downs on the van which is the south and coming into our glad Avenue right.

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