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Show Dot Com. Pick up some stuff you know. There's a lot when I was over there. There is a ton of stuff. What are you guys? Are you selling it. Yeah we sell it. I mean look. It's always nice to be able to once you go into the amusement park which is our our audio. It was really the amusement park. Just going and listening to all of this jazz that we do. And then you go and funneled you out we kick your ass off. The ride kicked us off the right and push us into where someone tries to sell whatever to us. We wound up spending all kinds of money. We get home at breaks. No it ain't gonNA break because this this is clothing so the only thing that can happen. Good God shell okay clothing. That's right trying to get you guys. Listen the only thing that can happen is if you buy the wrong size. Okay and In which instance I believe we don't we do returns we do so Check US out at Fillon. RESHOW DOT COM. That's Phil Hendrie. Show DOT DOT com. All right Vernon Dosier is going to come on the program with us right now and after we have burn on this show sticker after we conclude our interview with stick around because I want to share something kind of cool with you and maybe we'll put it up on the Web Website tomorrow. It was just just now message to me by Chris. Camp who's up in near Ottawa. Candidate you know. We talked to Chris on On Friday night but our chat so we have with us now coach Vernon Dosier from Belmont Academy in Glendale California coach playoffs coming up. Kansas City is taking on who Kansas City playing. He's going to take on Tennessee. Titusville Israel who defeated the New England patriots forgot. Who Else Do? But it's GonNa be Kansas City against Tennessee and it's got to be Green Bay against San Francisco that's right. That's those championship games. Those are the comments Kathy cupcake and my right about that all right tonight. I just got okay so chiefs in in I got it. It's the chiefs in the titans and the packers and the forty niners there right. That's all right I. I don't I haven't heard anybody talk about this bill but I think it's interesting to note that chiefs and the packers were the very first super bowl and they have not played each other in a super bowl Since then now we've had repeat Super Bowl we've had the we've had the the What is it the Dallas cowboys and the steelers got? I don't know how many times have that game What what are the repeat Super Bowls? We've had I don't know but we've had. I'm sure that The Patriots played somebody. I don't know There must've been must've been some repeat super bowls. Yeah Yeah Yeah regarding your there have been. I'll I'll do it but do it. They're here and you're not doing it. Good but I'm going to do it. Don't start take me. I'm telling you I'm right at the edge. I'm ready to live. I mean I'm ready.

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