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Jacksonville Jaguars, Cody Kessler, Baltimore Ravens discussed on Thursday Night Football - Jaguars at Titans

Thursday Night Football - Jaguars at Titans
1 year ago

Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens And Baltimore discussed on The Pat McAfee Show

The Pat McAfee Show
4 d ago


The year. The Jacksonville Jaguars dropping their nine. Thirty two nine the final and what an incredible game for Derrick. Henry seventeen carries. Two hundred thirty eight yards four touchdowns including a ninety nine yard touchdown run. The two hundred and thirty eight yards puts that as the nineteenth. Most most prolific single game rushing total in history. And it's the most in six years since Doug Martin back in two thousand twelve when he was a member of Tampa Bay against the raiders rushed for two hundred and fifty one yards. So what an unbelievable game. For Derrick Henry, and look I mean, what an embarrassing performance for Jacksonville. It's one thing to sit here and say to yourself. Okay. The offense is gonna stink right because. You know? I mean, Leonard fournette. No one's no one's going to defend against Cody Kessler, throwing the football, right? No one's gonna believe that Cody Kessler is going to beat anybody. So every defense is going to stack the line enforce the Jacksonville Jaguars really even with Blake Bortles. Or with Cody Kessler doesn't really matter to throw the football to beat him. So Leonard fournette couldn't really get started in this game, Cody Kessler tempted forty three passes. I don't think that's the key to victory. The only score that the Jacksonville Jaguars got in the first half half was a safety early in the game a Dede Westbrook touchdown reception. From Cody Kessler in the third quarter was literally the only offensive score. They had the Jaguars are just bad. And you know, the Tennessee titans. I don't think they are great team by any stretch of the imagination. But. Hang around. Right. You look at that. AFC south right now the Houston Texans have one nine in a row they're nine in three looks like they're gonna take that division. But big win for the Tennessee titans picking up win number seven. The colts are six and six and right now in that wildcard playoff picture. This is how it stands. It's pretty ridiculous but patriots lead their division Steelers lead their division. Texans. The Kansas City Chiefs are divisional leaders the first wildcard goes to the LA chargers right now the second wildcard would go to the Baltimore Ravens. But the Tennessee titans. Are right there. If Baltimore loses this weekend, they'd be seven and six as well. So it's not as if the Tennessee titans are out of it. I don't think they're a great team by any stretch. But still they've won two in a row now, and they're not out of it. Meanwhile, the Jacksonville Jaguars with their ninth laws are tied for the second. Most amount of losses in the AFC. Only Oakland with ten losses is worse. The New York Jets if they fall this weekend, and they're playing buffalo, by the way, if the jets who have lost six in a row, if they lose L also be at ten losses. But no one ever expected. The Jacksonville Jaguars to be this bad. No way. Did anybody expect them to be this bad? Unbelievable. What's happened to them? And so, you know for the Tennessee titans and first year head coach, Mike rebel. They stay alive for another week. Good for them. They got three weeks left of the season. And you look at remaining schedule for them. And they probably at least have to win two out of three there at the giants home for the Redskins home for the colts. They can win those games with nine games and put pressure on the Baltimore Ravens and potentially go to the postseason. Heck they could win three of those games again at the giants home games Redskins and colts. That's what they're looking at. So I mean, it's the Jacksonville Jaguars with Cody Kessler. You don't exactly think that they're going to be much trouble. They really weren't the Tennessee titans are staying alive for that playoff picture right now..