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They wait till I work at paid six. We're at pizza so well. Who We hear of page six podcasting so much? I'm excited to be here totally I. Am to because you as you said in your introduction our our paid six style editor and luckily the stories that we just have to have today have a lot of style dial elements in them and stylish people. It's a happy accident or did I plan it. That way. Totally is very maquiavelian. Should we jump in your first story. Let's do anything you want to add on the record or off Ohka floor. We start might be afraid to great okay. So we've had a couple different intersecting stories about supermodel G G had deed. Recently one is that she may be back together with her ex-boyfriend Zane Malik formally of one direction exactly gasp and then double gasp. She's actually shown up as a potential L. Juror in the Harvey Weinstein trial which is like pretty mind blowing to have like we usually would do we. We've done items is about Sarah Jessica Parker on jury duty and various like carly showing up for jury duty but in this case it's like Amal showing up for jury duty and she's potentially on the Harvey Weinstein case to trial at the century. Exactly totally so reporters covering the trial. Were shocked when they brought in a bunch entre potential jurors out of over one hundred potential jurors were they are and one of them who came in on one panel was was gee-gee Hadeed. According to our report Org deeds strolled into Manhattan court Monday to be considered as a juror. In the sex assault case of Harvey Weinstein she was wearing an oversized. Men's blazer over for a white shirt and she sauntered into the jury pool with one hundred nineteen other perspective panelists on the fifth day of jury selection in the case and she stood up and introduced herself as Jelena Hadid. which is her real name? Did you know that it or not. It's true it's true. I didn't even know that. We Bella La Really. I thought it was really more. You know exactly so when the judge asked the jury if anyone in the case had met you know him or the the defendant in the case of the accusers. Or anyone involved gee-gee Hadeed raise your hand. And she said that she had met the defendant but the thing that was surprising to to me is that when the judge asked her. Do you think you can be fair and impartial. In this case she replied yes and he then read a list of more than eighty the names of potential witnesses and people who could be referenced during the testimony in the case including Salma Hayek Shirley thrown in Rosie Perez and asked if any of the jurors new them and she raised her hand and said she's met Salma Hayek but then when the judge asked if she would be able to be fair and impartial. She said again. I think I'm still able to keep an open mind on the facts. Most people want to get out of jury duty usually use any excuse any connection to the case but are you impressed. The gee-gee indeed actually wants to be on this trial. Also this could take a long time win. This get in the way of her shoots and commitments and instagram's and I I mean I was an alternate on a jury once for four days and it just turned my life upside down so I this trial is going to go on for months. I was thinking about this. It's like first of all. Imagine if you are randomly called for jury duty you go in and the trial you're being considered for is Harvey Weinstein's and then imagine what would have to happen. How the stars would have to line if you were? GD Hadeed and that was the case. I can't believe it I also was under the impression navy. This was totally wrong. That if you know somebody involved in the case you're automatically disqualified but I guess that's not so yeah. I think if I were the prosecution in this case I would be site. I be doing everything I could to have gee-gee Hadeed stay on this trial because I feel like she would be someone who would. I don't know like beat someone who's familiar with this world and the players which Ashley be somehow to their advantage. I'm sure that Harvey Weinstein's team is trying to get her kicked off the case I would assume Zim. Yeah I think I would bet I would bet that it would work out really badly for them if she stays but I hope she does. Yeah it'll be interesting to see. You know what she wears next I to jury duty. What her jury duty looks will be? She kicked it off with a very respon- like Very appropriate court appropriate blazer and Pant Combo Oh so yeah court style Cardi B.. You might have some competition right. That's true right other people we see in court although Cardi B. is usually in court as the The defendant in rather than on the other side stylish defend. Yeah the stylish defendant so has also been in these wall. She's she's by day she's going to jury duty at the Harvey Weinstein trial by night. She seems to have been spending time with her ex. Zine Malik pillow talk all over again right exactly underrated back so do you. Were you a one direction directly directly. Because I know the you're a major Taylor swift fan. I N A huge Taylor swift fans with detail. The day I die one direction. I like their music. I don't consider myself a direction. Her and actually Nile would-be. My favorite of the boys but love Harry Zane. I mean probably has the best voice out of all of them so I I really liked him with G G and I'm very intrigued to see them back together back together out together together allegedly back together so basically we had reported that over the weekend. gee-gee Zine Malik were seen gene according to our sources in a private room at you'll buco marrying nice Italian restaurant at a birthday celebration for her mother Yolanda of the real housewives formerly of the real housewives army. I don't watch real housewives and that's I can't not being you live disease sufferer you'll Launda Hadeed Abdul Buco and other guests you'll Buco so. GD Broad Zane Malik so it seems like that would be pretty serious to bring your ex boyfriend and your mom's birthday. It's not really a first date after a break type you know right or you'd be Kinda right right it out if you were like. Hey we're going to go out where it's GONNA stop my mom's birthday Isabella as you just tell me a deed was also there Bella Hadid and then Their brother Anwar Hadeed girlfriend. Douwe Liba leap of new rules and don't start now fame so then the next night our sources told us the Zine and Jelena Aka g g were out again then but at eleven Madison Park which is a very lovely fancy restaurant Fancy for a second date post break right exactly and they were there together gather but having an intimate dinner for two but you had noticed that there was sort of an interesting fashion. Twist on this whole thing with these these two dates. Yes so we at page six style like to play what we call fashion detective which is just tracking down exactly what celebrities are wearing and what the meaning of those clothing living choices might be On Sunday this is crazy A. G. G. or no sorry Julia. Do Aletha was out to Brunch in New York wearing this sort of like very futuristic stitched black tank. Top by a brand called Orson. Iris opened pronouncing that right And then and for the date at eleven Madison Park later. gee-gee were the same exact shirt so that makes me wonder whether you know Gijon Dua who are clearly friends clearly. We share a lot beside the love for Anwar Might be sharing the closet. Sharing close did do a step out to Brunch in this tank top and be like hey girl one where this later but you get to get back together with your ex. It's just it crazy for you. Know we do a lot of we have a series called double-take where you just kind of take on. Who are better? Who are best and rarely? Do you see to celebrities let alone to who you know were both at Yolanda Deeds Birthday Day party within twenty four hours of each other right or maybe they're just getting you know the same swag. That's also a solid guest and I should mention. Listen I should mention that. Both of them accessorized with the same rhinestone covered Alexander Wang bag which was almost certainly gifted to both of them. Because they're both in kind kind of like the Alex weighing inner circle right. So do you have an opinion about who did where it better or is it just like a toss up in this case we like to avoid Roy bidding them together pitting them against each other. When it comes to style I personally preferred how styled at Jelena we're using this episode of? We hear she worked with these sort of black and white side stripe pants a really cool like flowing satin coat. It was very dramatic. I like the head to Toe Black For New York. She looked like Sheikh city girl. Who just happens to be fulfilling her jury duty totally? I love the term by the way you said fashion detective and I always think of myself like I have always been a reporter. WHO's only covered things that involve like past or d'oeuvre like like I've never been imbedded? Did you know on the front lines in like Afghanistan. There's always been sort of. I don't know it's always kind of a frivolous thing but I like fashion. Detective is a good term so G. G. Adid was dating previously one of the Bachelorette contestants Europe bachelorette expert I. I am a a proud member of Bachelor nation not in that appeared on the show religiously. That'd be cool. There's a drop here. No religiously watch the show. Oh on so yeah. She was linked to Tyler Cameron. Who was one of the three runner-up or the three finalists on Hannah Brown season? which was the the most recent Bachelorette God and so. It's I mean maybe it's a bad idea to get back together your ex. But I feel Zine Malik is a step up from a Bachelorette Keret Dude. I was very surprised when I heard.

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