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Minneapolis, Attorney, California discussed on CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley


A. M. A. forty Las Vegas Nevada happy Sunday though this is not really a happy subject one I think very important for us to talk about speaking about George Floyd the forty six year old man who was murdered by the police in Minneapolis on Memorial Day I I have to right yeah I I I'm an attorney and I've represented a number of families who've lost loved ones in in in cases of egregious police misconduct I think that's euphemistic language I remember one case permit me here I thought I got it I'm actually going to use names this time we get real about this I represented a client this was back in California I used to I used to live live in California and and had a thriving the practice there and I I had I had this client the wife of of a man who was lying in bed when on a totally made up warrants a bunch of sheriff's deputies from LA county burst into his house and.

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