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Jason Peters, Eagles, Soft Tissue Injury discussed on The Howard Eskin Show

The Howard Eskin Show
1 year ago

Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens And Baltimore discussed on The Pat McAfee Show

The Pat McAfee Show
6 d ago
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Eagles have had to to my correct too. Gye was there. Another ACL injury is here. I don't even remember 'cause they they happen so often, but obviously Carson Wentz had his last year. But they've had ACL injuries. I don't know what it's going to happen. It's going to happen. You gotta stay in shape. Obviously that's a given for football player where the F sport science or not. And I know every team has a lot of people working in that area working in that department. And try to do the things that are best. Best for their players. But. Soft tissue injuries or something. You can't help Sidney Jones. With a hamstring injury might be out again. Jason Peters with a bicep tear. I don't know if that's considered a soft tissue injury or not. Reportedly, a biceps tear. But based on what I saw when they examined him based on what I've heard. Deals have not acknowledged. It's a biceps tear. But it's a bicep injury. And I believe it's a biceps tear. But you can play with that players have played with that. And Jason Peters. I know he's a tough guy to playing with a quad injury. He will play with that lane. Johnson. Hi, ankle, injuries are bad. But I don't necessarily believe it's at. It's a serious Heiankaku injury. He's got an ankle injury. But as he said yesterday. He's gonna play play the game despite the fake news that came out for me Rappaport, which pretty much indicated that he wasn't didn't flat out say it, but indicated that he probably wasn't gonna play in a game, which he deleted that tweet later. Later in the day. Search some guys in the media that have had bad years in Rapoport is that a bad year bad year that we know about I don't know if he's had other bad years because a lot of the things that he's been incorrect about have been about concerning the eagles. Okay. So we'll talk about the eagles. We'll see if those giants fans call up. We'll see if those Cowboys fans call up Cowboys lost an awful an awful awful terrible game last week. To a team. That's really not that good the Houston Texans. So we'll see we'll see if we hear from those losers this morning. Cowboys fans, we know our cockroaches. And they go in the muck and grime when things aren't going. Well, so.