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Officials just announced the trips are not allowed from China to Hong Kong


To CBS news radio twenty four hours a day seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com app downloaded today your new live and local the WCBS newsradio eight eight OO radio dot com station is thirty nine degrees over at north of the airport right now clock forty mile an hour winds over there with the wind chill factor in films like thirty one later that day getting up to about forty two for a high low mix of clouds and sun in the sky doubly CBS news time is four oh three while New York state health officials look in a five possible cases of the new coronaviruses been spreading out of China the past month New York City mayor bill de Blasio was on New York one last night saying there is reason to be concerned this one's no it's it's on a spectrum of diseases if we're lucky it's more like the common cold and were unlucky is more like sars and so far it sure seems more like sars on this number of people died but but medical science still doesn't fully understand this disease and there is no sure at this moment so really emphasizing to new Yorkers is probably here already

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