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Currently we have temperatures that range from thirty seven degrees in Danbury two


Early morning hours and we mostly cloudy breezy and chilly low thirty three in the city upper twenties in many outlying areas and later today times of clouds and sun with a chilly breeze high forty two partly cloudy brisk a little bit colder Tuesday night low down to twenty nine sunny to partly cloudy on Wednesday high around forty mostly sunny Thursday high thirty eight that a little bit milder on Friday was under a few clouds with a high of forty four mostly cloudy on Saturday with a chance of rain high again forty four and currently we have temperatures that range from thirty seven degrees in Danbury two thirty nine and Somerville forty degrees in Central Park more than just the headlines this is WCBS newsradio eight eighty so far three bodies have been recovered from the site where NBA legend Kobe Bryant is thirteen year old daughter and seven others were killed on Sunday mornings helicopter crash near LA there's growing pressure on senators to call former national security adviser John Bolton to testify president trump's impeachment trial based on an excerpt from his upcoming book the Supreme Court reverses a New York appeals court decision that impacts immigrants who rely on public benefits like Medicaid and sports devils beat the senators for three and a shoot out and the NBA postponed Tuesday night's Lakers clippers game at staples center it's twelve thirty one CBS news update a federal investigator says the pilot of the helicopter that crashed outside Los Angeles killing Kobe Bryant and eight others told air traffic controllers in his last message that he was climbing to avoid a cloud layer before the aircraft plunged more than one thousand feet into a hillside the helicopter crashed Sunday morning after requesting special permission to fly through heavy fog KCBS TV's joy Benedict is at the scene in Calabasas California recovery teams are in the days long process of retrieving the bodies of Bryant his thirteen year old daughter Deana and seven others it was a pretty devastating accident scene the helicopter took off at nine oh six AM Sunday headed for Dion is basketball tournament they ran into thick fog the

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