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The end of April to hopefully


Slow the spread of the virus only emergency hearings can be held over the next six weeks and judges who typically travel to other counties for court are required to stay in their home court house for the time being chief justice down baby also postponing foreclosure hearings handling affection statewide until at least the first of may president trump said today the government should take an equity stake in companies that need bailouts because of the corona virus outbreak and its impact on the U. S. economy such a move would be an extraordinary reach by government into the private sector trump said he specifically target companies that did stock buy backs rather than investing in infrastructure meantime White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr Deborah Berke says as testing increases positive results are occurring in about one in ten patient I test positive rates are now into the ten to eleven percent range that still means that ninety percent of the illnesses out there even the severe ones are not covet nineteen White House today also said the therapeutic drugs that might hold potential to treat cold at nineteen are currently being tested including a drug long used to treat malaria the president of the U. N. C. system says it is doing its part to increase testing for culvert nineteen bill Roper says this week is provided a vivid reminder of how the state university system is so critical to North Carolina I test pop

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The end of April to hopefully

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