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In Seattle affectionately known as Jeff Bezos's Spiers if you will

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13 hrs ago


Unlikely either will sit out those cases Amazon wants to kill the supermarket checkout line how do I know well I went to the retail giant's first cashierless supermarket yesterday it's grand opening grab whatever you want just walk out you don't even wait in line the problem is you gotta have the Amazon go out that's about it an Amazon account to latest sign that Amazon series about shaking up the eight hundred billion dollar grocery industry at the new store that opened yesterday in Seattle shoppers can scan the smartphone app to enter the store cameras and sensors track what you take many items are charged to the account after leaving now the pilot store in the test store I also attended the opening of that a little bit smaller than the supermarket store obviously LS items it was a test run as I mentioned it was right actually it near the Amazon spheres here in Seattle affectionately known as Jeff Bezos's Spiers if you will the the pilot store I asked an employee how many were working the floor at once and if I recall he said eight and I thought okay eight four four hundred square feet no registers what are they doing well that was the pilot store I looked a little bit more into it