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Hello everybody mark living here are number


Don't want to handle it or call the local authorities governments and say look I'm looking and the governor I'm giving you the SRT you guys do it or better yet a third one is you know what hospitals you decide what you need to go and buy what you want from me because he didn't do that you know hospitals are turned down all the time across this country when they want to expand our at hospital beds did you know this hospitals are denied all the time when they won at MRI machines for C. T. or even ventilators and other equipment there turned out they have to get a certificate of need in thirty five states and the district of Columbia why because these state governments and this in city in the case of DC they want to prop up they want to reduce supply that props up demand and keeps prices higher because they're afraid we'll maybe hospitals will shut down you know maybe we believe that's called the private sector see if there's too many hospitals there's too many hospitals if there's too many badges too many bands but when you have this dictate coming from Albany or wherever it

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Hello everybody mark living here are number

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