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One number one the federal government didn't have the power back then that it has today


The federal government under Wilson was in fact involved in a number of things having almost nothing to do with the pandemic why one number one the federal government didn't have the power back then that it has today number two the focus was on winning a war even though more people were dying at that point for the pandemic number three the federal government wasn't expected to step he didn't have any mechanism didn't have any tradition didn't have any history doing into this sort of thing I mean what drew Wilson used a lot of federal power that really do belong to the federal government he set up a propaganda operation he was nationalizing some ministries he was doing all these things to fight the war but you had a real war World War one plus a pandemic because we don't have a World War of that sort the military World War right now we have this war against this virus as we call it with a very activist federal government the federal government that spends like never before deficit spends overall debt on budget that it's mass the funny thing is this is not really in our tradition this is really started the last eighty or so years with the new deal and so forth HM just explaining some context again which of course the left doesn't care about or will use against me or whatever but I'm talking to you I don't talk to them unless of course some railing against but that's interesting isn't that we were fighting a World War in a pandemic at the same time what we do today if that took place I think you get a handle what we have to write everybody checks see this is what's frustrating me that I'm in a very small minority that numerous people who shouldn't get checks who should get loans tenants who should be protected I'm not saying all tenants who should be protected on down the list I getting subsidies are getting money you're getting lotus is infuriating me this is utterly unnecessary focused relief of course watching these press conferences by these report it's a it's it's frustrating as hell they know why there's a shortage of ventilators has nothing to do with trump it's nothing to do with the federal government choose me they know why there's a shortage of beds and ICU beds in particular has nothing to do with trump has nothing to do with the federal government nothing I want to think about something folks let's say we had a single payer government run healthcare system today how do you think that would work out all the ideas all the actions in the private sector with other pharmaceutical companies or whatever kind of companies they are they be under the thumb of the federal government and you know it's interesting nobody wants that today nobody even suggested today other than reporters who apparently wants some kind of martial law one reported today you know what about a GPS on phones what is this this woman an idiot the answer is yes she's an idiot masks for everybody yes the president he can mandate masks that everyone wear masks it's bad enough we have some governors are using this as a political opportunity to go after protesters at abortion clinics

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One number one the federal government didn't have the power back then that it has today

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