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Dog's name is garth and he just looked at me like I was crazy and I was but I would. I was upset that they weren't exploiting it earlier. Like three catches. They're all first ads. They're all big. Plays even Jimmy Graham. WHO's not good? He was getting open and making plays again again. And then Click Blake. Main comes in with the big nose not I. What is the IPAD? So yeah I hit and green me minus four so hit a lot of a lot a lot of things on that one place so shout out to Jimmy. Graham cleanup like and Aaron Rodgers even goes really special gets Jimmy Graham former Seattle Seahawk and there was was right to your point about Davante Adams. There's an article that just came out saying that he hasn't had this chemistry with another receiver since Jordy Nelson. Some uh-huh going down. Hey whatever whatever it is it's a great connection and certainly pay enough on the field. WHO's your first receiver here? Chris I would have go tyreek Hill. If they're going to be trying to stay in this and I think throw darts it's going to be tyreek Hill and a and they actually the last game targeted him. Nineteen Times in that matchup. So I'm going to go a little bit. I wouldn't go contrarian varian but in comparison to Adams I'd say it will be after last week in terms of what the each did and how the field will probably lean. Yeah I was also on entiry. Kill Seventy two hundred dollars that that first game against Tennessee talked about all the targets. They're Levin catches one fifty seven and a touchdown Chow Tai. Mahomes clearly is a fan of Terry. Kill quite get him involved last game and I thought they work because I oh I thought his speed was going to be the difference there but again it's always finding that match those matchups. Where are you riding the hot hand or are you taking the guy off down game? I like to rekindle coming off kind of a quiet game against this Tennessee team and I think there were. I think there were stuff that Baltimore could have done against Tennessee getting Hollywood Brown going deep that they just couldn't do because Lamar Jackson. This struggles a little the outside balls struggles with some the deep throws I think Tara I think tyreek Hill does have a pretty big Gamer. More.

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