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Bound north of the I. Yost road in this area where you run run jolly's where they got going on mass transit we're okay in the gateway W. twenty four hour traffic center I'm ski race thank you Stevie and now eyewitness weather five day sponsored by I Kona resorts with CVS three year Allah just Matt Petersen expect plenty of sunshine for our Wednesday the afternoon high temperatures stay right around fifty four degrees a cold front tonight will come through driving is down to forty one for the low with areas of scattered rain showers out there temperatures then will be in the fifties early on Thursday morning but strong northwesterly winds which could gust as high as forty or more miles an hour here in the city or drawing so much colder air and we'll go from the fifties early in the day down to the lower forties in the afternoon a stray isolated snow showers those wall is possible as well north and west of the city tomorrow sunny and breezy a hive only thirty four then on Friday we are watching for snow likely in the afternoon on Saturday it will transition to rain later in the day we have sunshine right now fifty degrees climbing to fifty four it is twelve thirty four last week attorneys for one time Borden town police chief Frank knew Sarah filed a motion asking for dismissal of the one guilty verdict against him in the case of civil rights offenses stemming from the twenty sixteen arrest of a black teenager the government has now responded seeking a dismissal of the motion here scalable you South Jersey bureau chief David Madden forming the motions them to their bottom line C. serwis claiming for white jurors felt pressured by three blacks to agree to a count of.

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