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The gm ha jerry geriatric mental health association in new york city but he has a wide range of information for us wherever we are world uh about a mental health and uh i think that that's something we think about where we were inundated with issues of physical fitness physical health even spiritual health but uh uh jean still a little bit fringe she gene with us my pleasure thank you for having me the definition here geriatric mental health is a dean health and general jean ju what what does the niche year that we have to look perhaps in our cells different two there are uh uh older people are different from younger people and because of that there are some significant differences in issues related to mental health for older people younger people uh probably the most obvious is that uh uh more likely to experience dementia which i think is not what we're gonna talk about today but the other being uh john is that the older we get the more likely we are the house physical health problems um aas uh t part of our lives as a ninety year old friend of mine all the time aging is not good for your health so we live with health conditions and not have uh uh some impact mental health as well uh i mentioned but but i wanted to talk about the other d word which is depression and that's something that you are getting into a little being gene gene gene well number one uh what's important to know is that the president is not normal in old age in fact uh older people who live in the community considerably less likely than younger people uh to have a clinical depression uh that's little known think that's if you're old depressed and the reason that people think that is that in our society in which uh some is uh ramp and dean there's an expectation that you're must be unhappy if you're older after being older is not a good thing uh that's not the case uh again it's not normal old age in fact it's rather uncommon clinical depression sex five percent of older people who uh who live in the.

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New York City, Jean Ju, The House discussed on Generation Bold

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