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And they in manager Alex Cora agreed to part ways yesterday corps was the bench coach at Houston came up with the idea for stealing signs be a camera now manager of Boston you could pretty much see where this was going Boston now being investigated for similar cheating scheme NBA last night quite Leonard forty three points Lou Williams off the bench and twenty four clippers clobbered Cleveland with copper clappers one twenty eight to one oh three improving to twenty eight and thirty eight on the season for those of you of a certain age you know what I'm talking about Lakers host Orlando tonight NHL last night kings lost a shootout in Tampa Bay for three or final hearing for cash yep it's back and your chance to win a thousand dollars in fact people have one thousand dollars our first key word coming your way at a twenty four this morning from the rush tax eight five five iris call sports desk ready cartoon can extend seventy newsradio today's don't be surprised if you get an alert from LA acts on your cell phone rings so you'll but more about that coming up the bond they are five thirty it's five twenty five I think the answer's Jack well it's five twenty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five spoke to buy journeys with James bargainer and here's Jennifer your it on the west what a lot of the floral five amounting a lot of slowing because of it so that's a good the west one of five overall I has some ball you but I think your speed just a really good not so much the six you'll have you let's go to rob the latest little heading westbound that's right as you come up to crossroads parkway to the six so five that between the six oh five it will be close to rose we both are light reading Caltrans work that's the reason why we got two lanes blocked here I'm hoping the cones are being picked up now because that delay started to build build quickly eastbound you're in the clear as of now the sixty though you are a little slow at Chino is you make your way over into diamond bar we've got a crash on.

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