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President Trump, Ukraine, Joe Biden discussed on WSJ What's News



SEIB says Wednesday's five hour long hearing was split along party lines. The first public hearing in the House of Representatives additives impeachment inquiry against President trump unfolded over five long hours on Wednesday. Democrats said the evidence clearly shows president. Trump abused his power by I. With holding both military aid to Ukraine and denying the new president of Ukraine a meeting in the White House until the Ukrainians agreed to investigate what Democrats had done in Ukraine rain and specifically what former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter had done in Ukraine and in that regard there was one important bit of new information. There was testimony that Gordon Sunland. who was president? Trump's ambassador to the European Union place the phone call directly to president trump filling him in on Ukrainian plans to launch these investigations. And that a bachelor Sunland told those who are listening listening that president trump cared more about investigating the Biden's than he did about anything else regarding Ukraine that puts president trump more deeply into the question at hand at the same sometime. They'll Republicans said there was no evidence of any misbehavior because ultimately Ukraine got its military aid. And because it got that military aid without launching any formal investigations into the Biden's so therefore no offense but the disagreement ran much deeper than that between Democrats and Republicans. They couldn't even agree on which presidential election in the United States as was being interfered with here. Democrats clearly argued that the election that hand the one that's coming up. In Two thousand twenty was the one that was being interfered with by Ukrainians because president trump trump wanted damaging information on Joe Biden potentially his toughest Democratic opponent in that twenty two thousand election Republicans by contrast wanted to talk about the last asked election the two thousand sixteen presidential election their assertion that Ukrainians had interfered in that election. Both by leaking information about Paul Manafort President Trump's then campaign manager and work he had done in payments he had received in Ukraine and by publicly criticizing president trump for not being sufficiently anti Russian. That's the interference that Republicans wanted talk about with disagreements that wide. It's hard to see how this impeachment process goes forward as anything but a totally partisan exercise. The next hearing is planned for Friday when former. US Ambassador to Ukraine. Maria Ivanovich is slated to testify. Well the impeachment hearing was going on President Trump was meeting with Turkish President Recep aired heard one at the White House at a joint press conference. Trump said. He was a big fan of Mr Erdogan. The Turkish leader for his part called for a new chapter in relations between the two countries. But there was no indication of headway on Turkey's purchase of the sophisticated S. four hundred air defense missile system from Russia which has been a major concern for the Pentagon and there appears to be no sign of progress and attempts to end the fighting in Syria between Turkish forces and the Kurdish lead Syrian democratic forces which had until recently they partnered with the US the parents of the office space startup. We work reported more losses in the third quarter to the tune of one and a quarter billion dollars expenses as far outpaced revenue growth draining the company's cash ahead of a bailout by Softbank Group that was one factor that led investors to balk at we works attempt initial public offering in September resulting in the ouster of CEO and founder. Adam Newman in a media call on Wednesday facebook reported gains in detecting and removing hate speech child abuse imagery and terrorist propaganda on its platform more than twelve million pieces of child nudity or sexual abuse. Content were removed from the main facebook platform former instagram in the third quarter alone but facebook says such posts account for less than zero point. Oh four percent of what users actually saw. CEO Joe Mark Zuckerberg touted their systems for addressing these issues saying they were more advanced than those of other Internet.

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President Trump, Ukraine, Joe Biden discussed on WSJ What's News

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