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Gary Sinise, Academy Award, Eminem discussed on Howie Carr


Over four hundred and forty two million dollars worldwide. It wanted Academy Award for best original song making lose yourself. The first hip hop song to win an Academy Award Eminem did not appear in person because he was sure he would not win. The Oscar goes to Eminem mile soundtrack debuted at number one on the billboard charts forecasting. Brittany. Murphy is Alex to filmmakers considered allies of due to Sarah, Michelle Gellar, Christina Ricci and Alicia SilverStone. Taryn manning was also considered but was cast as Janine. Instead. This was Anthony Mackie's first acting credit. Gary Sinise was the filmmakers I choice to play. Greg executive producer Paul Rosenberg considered Danny Boyle and Gwen Tarantino to direct but felt that their styles would not have worked with the story in the original script rather worked as a bellboy at a hotel instead of factory. Both Ebert and Roeper gave a thumbs up. Eight mile probably won't win converts to rap, but it should thrill Eminem fans so thumbs up from up for me too. And here's a bonus one. The producers didn't decide on the title until the film had been completed. That's it for this episode of you think, you know movies. There's a longer video version of this episode with even more facts, you may not know available on screen, crush dot com. Aw, we co. News talk station. Fourteen twenty WBZ SM. This is John Trump, nor the aftermath. Hey, this is police from hope in Massachusetts. Hi, this is Keith from Salem mass. And this is the Howie. Eight four four.

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