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Trump, Bill Clinton And Russia discussed on WBT Afternoon Programming


With investigations into his democratic domestic rival Joe Biden companies legal team are rejecting ball this claim as they continue presenting their argument today a member of president trump's Lee eagle team can star who led the investigation of president Bill Clinton is warning senators against allowing impeachments to become a political tool return our country's traditions when Russia's presidential impeachment was truly a measure of last resort star also argues to two articles of impeachment adopted by the house charging president trump with abuse of power in obstruction of Congress fall short of constitutional standards impeachment see says should be evaluated in terms of offenses against established law on Capitol Hill Jr how burn fox news charlemaine fired a gun into his girlfriend's Indian land home and briefly held her mother and young son hostage was wounded by officers during a gun battle the hostages managed to escape the whole money goals Maskelyne and Lancaster County authorities say Joshua Hendrix the third was wounded when he exchanged fire with deputies entering the building this all happened on Friday got out the hospital I think it today thirty three year old Hendrix now cues of trying to kill four deputies in addition to several other felony charges WBT news time three oh four it's spring we know how much you depend on your.

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