Houston Astros GM and manager suspended — then fired — for stealing signs


Hey I want to ask you some quick clearing is joined I cut no debate about it last night but this thing of color Houston astro people were fired because they were caught stealing signal yeah I read they were doing it electronically they were they stealing signals from the catcher they were okay that's what I thought they had a camera set up on the catcher in the they would realize the signs to the dug out the dog out would have a certain system to alert the batter of what pitch was coming that's what I told joys somehow they did that change it looks like an intricate system that you have to really go out of your way to come up with yeah and they you know that takes some setup to steal I mean there had to be a lot of people involved in that it probably had an app fourth but I love who's going to be getting in trouble with it coming up soon may have gotten on him yet Alex Cora Laura the red Sox manager either well the red Sox got in trouble a couple years ago they did it is well Alex score was the coach for the Astros not at the head coach not the manager but a coach yeah and then he became the manager of the red Sox and they won the World Series with allegedly him stealing the sides are helping still the signs so he could be a lot of trouble says anything about before the the manager of the general manager got fired from the Astros suspended for an entire year year that does not happen and not one player no one player yeah that should that's kinda you know why they cause the the new union will take it to court and stretch it out for years so they just decided just to go around the and get rid of the two and man for the commissioner of baseball who would you rather see out of the game for a year a manager at a general manager with they're not on the field for wholesale yeah a guy like me and the P. in the Lee our team have to be suspended they'll have their title taken away well that could happen they cheated they needed they ought to have the title taken away that's crazy that they're able to keep the title one the stolen basically from the Yankees even yeah that's

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