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N s now three big things. Three Wichita City Council. Takes public comment on $629 million budget plan is local and state primary votes still being counted after many mail in ballots Primary Election Day in Kansas. Marshall wins Republican vote to run for U. S. Senate The big thing. Stephen Ted on NSS stole that vehicle and a potential traffic hazard. Watch out. North bound on. I won 35 right around 21st Street north. It's in the far right shoulder there. Traffic update from 98 7 and 13 30 NSS I'm Jed Chambers. Partly sunny today with a high of 81 degrees, 40% chance for rain tonight the overnight lows 65 Thursday. Partly cloudy with a 40% chance for rain and a high of 86 degrees. Cloudy 66 degrees and we have a southeast wind at six miles per hour, 8 50 Stephen Jen here on canIs says. The witches are wagon Masters Chili cook off one of Wichita is most popular events has been canceled for this year. The event had been planned for late September. Organizers say it will be back next year, of course, canceled because of the Covered 19 pandemic that is too bad. It's a great event. The chance of developing dementia late in life is going down. This's house call for health you maybe less likely than your parents to develop dementia Late in life. A new study has picked up a trend lower percentages of older people with Alzheimer's or dementia. This was true in the US and Europe, but not the rest of the world. The study out of Harvard found that a 75 year old man today has an 18% chance of developing dementia. Sometime during the

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