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Ask for one of our worst cases


Remains at nineteen the race for the democratic presidential nomination is down to two and former vice president Joe Biden and senator Bernie Sanders but on the campaign trail in the Midwest Bernie Sanders like the make up of the crowd that showed up for his rally in Dearborn Michigan because I talk to groups like this I look around this room and I see people coming from so many different backgrounds it is beautiful this is what America looks like at its best meanwhile do buying was campaigning in Saint Louis you know senator Sanders likes to say he'll need a record turn out to defeat Donald Trump he's right where the campaign is going to do that record Michigan both hold primaries on Tuesday I'm Ben Thomas Florida could soon have panic buttons and all of its schools

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Ask for one of our worst cases

Michael Medved 3 months ago

What about J. marriage well in the two thousand eight vice presidential debate was her Pailin Joe Biden said quote

Wealth Creator Radio 3 d ago