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This is mac os ken a flaw in mail a surprising lawsuit and a couple of interesting apple promotions it's tuesday the fifteenth of may twenty eighteen i'm ken ray and this is news from mac os ken brought to you by yours truly and sponsored by euro the home wifi system that goes anywhere and covers everywhere get free overnight shipping in the us and canada at e r o eero dot com with her code moco west can this show is also supported by people like you patrons through patriot find out more in that your support that patriot dot com slash mac os can security vulnerabilities her ray no they're not fun but if there's one thing out there to which you might be vulnerable it's better to know than not dubbed e fail i download blog says this html rendering flaw in email programs including apple mail can reveal encrypted emails in plain text under certain circumstances according to the peace this phone ability permits an attacker to reveal the plane taxed of someone's encrypted emails without needing the sender's private encryption keys including encrypted emails sent in the past in order for the attack to work and various party must be in possession of your encrypted s mime or pgp emails that is a very basic description to the point of being downright they a full ride up was published on sunday by computer security guy sebastian shinzo how serious is it mel serious though.

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Ken Ray, United States, Sebastian Shinzo discussed on Mac OS Ken

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