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SCOTUS allows restrictions on church attendance in California amid COVID-19


U. S. Supreme Court has denied a southern California churches request to strike down state restrictions on religious gatherings imposed because of the covert nineteen pandemic KCBS reporter Melissa call Ross tells us tonight the High Court has ruled that such restrictions do not violate the first amendment the South Bay United Pentecostal church in Chula Vista brought the case claiming that restrictions on the size of religious gatherings during the pandemic are discriminatory and therefore in violation of the freedom of religion guaranteed by the first amendment the High Court did not agree justice Roberts said no this is a general requirement applies to all sorts of things like movie theaters and other large concerts you know venues and so it was not a discrimination against religion that's UC Hastings college of the law professor Rory little the decision was five to four with Chief Justice John Roberts joining the court's liberal justices in the majority and little says the decision is significant I think it's an important signal generally to the rest of the country that feature requirements are not going to be enjoined every day by the federal court California guidelines currently limited attendance at in person religious services to one hundred people or twenty five percent of building capacity whichever is

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