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The AFC championship. I am delighted to be joined by the legend the guru the expert. It's a vaunt swamy. I'm not in front of it. The source right now. Running out of Nouns Kuyper Junior. Call me along with Chris. Co hosts first draft. which podcast Ashley? Start listening to now to get ready for the draft mellows also a sad dad Baltimore Ravens Fan so he got A. I really a close up. Look at the Tennessee. Titans and I want to talk to you really about the titans defense I and we can talk about how they match up with the chiefs offense because that's truly going to be a thrilling match up. I was blown away by the Titans Defense in in this game I am. We're talking defense mel that you know by most metrics including football outsiders. Devia waste was average at best during the regular season. I've praised their front seven draw. Casey elect their linebackers one of them. Jaylen Brown didn't even play in this game and this is where it was hard to you. I did not see leave them. Dominating a very good ravens offensive line to that extent. I'm solid against the run. They had been but I think in this game remember Mark Ingram was if he and we had the calf injury and you saw how that affected him if I saw Mark Andrews not one hundred percent with a high ankle sprain impacted him on that I ball that could have been caught in fact was intercepted intercepted. That changed the whole complexion the game early so I think the injury issue on offense really impacted the Ravens. The obviously Ingram was so key to what they did. But Lamar running the football. The ball and Andrew so critical is the number one goto option. So you'll limit what they're getting out of those two at hurts that offense and then to see fifty nine attempts. Lamar was completing was attempting. Seventeen to twenty five passes in most Games Meena. He was at fifty nine there. It was at thirty four and a loss to Cleveland forty three and a loss to Kansas City early in the a year I think it got away from Greg Room. The game got away from him. And I think the pass attempts not GonNa win throwing the ball fifty nine times the Baltimore Ravens. That didn't happen and they had plenty of opportunities or lease to get back in this game numerous times it just could not make a play at critical moments. I would've kicked a field of fourteen six to get your team mentally and charged charge that fan base and put pressure Tennessee. Knowing that a touchdown now and they're losing only the touchdown in two to tie it but analytics not a wins out with the Ravens. And that's what they go by. That's what they kind of lived with a little bit in this game. If you've been afraid all season on fourth down it's understandable. I didn't love the call both times. Really you know running inside but I think you're really right to point out that sort of got away from their identity as a team and I don't know how much of that was this game script versus coaching. decision-making necessarily I think one thing I noticed again on the watch was so during the game in my preview about the titans I said I love this front seven. The secondary is not good after this game. I was like when did the titans secondary turn into the Legion of boom. Like we did a door Jackson become the best cover corner in football and then when I re watched it I realized yes they were very good but there are also extremely advantageous situations playing a ton of man on third and long. which as you know? The reasons just weren't in that position during the regular season. And what really struck me about. It was not Lamar Jackson missing. Missing a ton of throws he you know he wasn't perfect game but I felt this game really exposed the ravens wide receivers because they could not separate at all. Well they're not. They've never been a receiver team. They're tight end team. Yeah they're they're a Mark Andrews Hayden hearst. Nick boil blocking getting the ball to ingram running football throwing it to him. Am that's what they are. Hollywood brown catch a few SNEAD. Maybe one or two games where the receivers when caught four or five passes and they were rolling up big numbers. This is a Lamar Jackson accent. Mark Andrews Mark Ingram offense bottom line and two of those three components. Were not one hundred percent Ingraham not even close to one hundred percent and I think you look back and I thought just going and what do you have to do to Tennessee to beat them. You Got Eliminate Thera- countering the second EPOCA. Seventy five percent of his yards came in the second half of games. So why would you eliminate you know if you're up by fourteen seventeen derrick. Henry can't be a factor so I thought going into halftime. If the Ravens were only winning by three to seven or Tennessee had lead the ravens were in a little bit of trouble is the Ravens. had a seventeen point lead there in great shape and unfortunately if the Ravens it didn't happen Tennessee had control Derrick Henry was able to be a factor throughout the game and I think moving forward. Do you want to spin it forward. What's the key to Kansas City? And mahomes you know they're gonNA air it out all over the place get elite get a significant lead and and then all of a sudden Tennessee's at different from football team. I just don't think you can ever count out this. Kansas City offense which is the best left in the postseason I felt so bad for Lonnie Johnson in the Houston game. You know. And it wasn't the he wasn't the only only player they I mean at one point they were doubling Kelsey. But you just can't there's so many playmakers in Kansas City that you wanna the double or bracket and obviously you can't do that to more than one player and I think it doesn't you can take out Kelsey in a game. You can take out hill in a game you can take out Hartman in a game. Someone else else is going to eat right now. In the past when we've talked about mahomes smell we've talked about The one thing you can do to stop up him. I guess the the Patriots had success. Last year was disguising their coverages. Tricking him Just really like the only way. You can stop any a great quarterback and I do think if I had to give one on a reason to be optimistic about the Tennessee. Defense in this matchup is. They're really good at that Demsey's AP's in particular you know. He's really really good at coming up with creative blitzes. Creative pressure is creative disguise. which actually didn't really do a ton the Baltimore game but I think that's something they could use in the Kansas City game to try to stop mahomes because you're right I if if they're up at halftime it's probably over? I would say it's yeah I would think if you can't have Henry where I say majority of his yards came in the second half being able to pound at Ya you then. They aren't allowed to receive. Don't get a lot of separation. Then you get. Ball's tipped off some hands intercepted and when it goes from bad to worse so I I agree with what you said about the great respect from home in Baltimore. He's a phenomenal defensive coordinator. Hey Brent Venables phenomenal defensive coordinator for Clemson Right. He mixes up things better than anybody. He gives you heat the skies is he changes things up for a quarter per quarter quarter F and it was all over. And that's what happens when you have borough and college you have homes in the NFL. Now those two quarterbacks or special at their respective levels because you can't stop them and again for Tennessee. It's tough. They seem to have that. They seem that they had the it factor going for him. They're leaving it. They're feeling it but now you Kansas City who is a different entity entirely Barring a horrible day where say mistakes all over the place for Kansas City and they they really overlook and I don't know how overlook anybody underestimate whatever Tennessee. I don't know how that can happen based on what they did in Baltimore but Kansas City if Andy. Reid can't finish this off and I'm a big fan of known anti for a long. Mm Time He. This is the game I'd say for him personally. This is must win as an AK Mandy raise had probably in this respect of critics and his entire career I want to talk with the offense Because they're really what they did in the last game was really frigging weird the fact fact that they were so gained on yardage by your team. the fact that also you know th they didn't have a single drive that went over over forty five yards. They won that game because turnovers and field position. Like I know yes. Derrick Henry was the star and he was phenomenal. You guys couldn't stop him and I don't think Kansas City will have any trouble either But ultimately the Tennessee offense didn't have to do very much in the ravens game. And you had. It was a combination as you mentioned there's Derrick Cannery and also Ryan Hill hitting twice one on a action pass that I do not know how the Ravens defense didn't see coming. It was sold it really well. It was like out a heavy. They had henry deep in the backfield but every single person I know is screaming at their TV. They're gonNA take a shot and they did and then that insane past has to Johnny Smith and that I think brings up the other thing that's so bonkers about this titans offense. which is they're scoring? Every time they're in the red zone now historically which is the other reason aside from turnovers they want. That's not usually sustainable. So I want to ask you what you think about. You know. Having seen this titans offense having seen how successful they've been since leading Taniela takeover in the red zone. Do you think they can keep it up. I'm not GONNA say that. Can't I mean what they did in this game. Was I think reflective of rate coaching and situational football seeing that we got a third down. Throw it up in the end zone and they did it. Smith made a great catch. It was a phenomenal catch. And then after you get the four thousand stop as you said what happens sudden change as you get out there. You stop them defenses. Let down and you go for the jugular. Say I'M GONNA I'M GONNA air it out. Deep and Humphry got beat. And there you go touchdown boom so again. Every time they had to make one key away they did the third and twelve touchdown pass great. Catch coming out after the fourth down. Stop Boom touchdown. Pass the Ravens fourth and one at four hundred one stuffed okay..

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